Kubernetes Serverless cluster

Your Kubernetes Cluster in the Cloud. Start using Kubernetes without installing a cluster.
K1s is a free Kubernetes Serverless cluster perfect for newbies and developers for fast testing and learning.

For developers and newbies

Access Kubernetes Serverless cluster with a single command:

$ kubectl get pods --server=https://api.k1s.me/kubernetes

What is K1s?

Kubernetes is notoriously hard, time-consuming, and expensive to set up. But with K1s, it's easy, quick, and free!

No Installation

The easiest way to connect to a cluster and learn Kubernetes. You don't have to install and set up a cluster.

For Devs, Testers, and Newbies

Focus on developing and testing Kubernetes integration scenarios instead of managing infrastructure.

Flexible and Friendly

You get the flexibility of deploying with no costs, K1s uses what we call smoke deployments (inspired by smoke testing).


K1s is a Kubernetes Serverless cluster ready to use. With K1s you can easily start learning and deploying in the cloud at no cost.



This is a pre-requisite, if you don't have installed follow the steps on the official site.

That's all!

Yes, nothing else is needed, now just run any kubectl command with K1s cloud cluster. i.e.: kubectl get pods --server=https://api.k1s.me/kubernetes


You can create a kubeconfig to connect automatically without extra arguments.

Work with confidence 

Work with confidence immediately, with no concerns about infrastructure management and hidden cost. The infrastructure and maintenance of servers, networks, and the data center is the most time-consuming task and the greatest expense for IT teams. K1s offers developers many more choices by removing the constraints that normally come with developing and deploying applications on Kubernetes. Let us know if you have any questions!

Get Latest Updates!

Programming is hard. Kubernetes is hard. But not anymore! K1s is a 100% managed Kubernetes that makes it super easy to create and deploy services without the need for any configuration, setup, or management of a cluster. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a new you.

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